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IXR: Innovation Expanding Retail
1077XV, The Netherlands, Amsterdam, WTC H Tower (24th floor) Zuidplein 196
About IXR
About IXR
About IXR
key areas
of expertise

IXR was founded by people from the retail industry with extensive experience and expertise

Our employees understand modern business processes, the principles of shop and back office operations, as well as methods of optimization and efficiency improvement.


IXR staff is comprised both of top software developers and accomplished hardware experts.


We develop all IXR solutions based on the patent-protected technology, put them to test and tailor them to the needs of real customers.

about us

IXR is a company founded in 2018 in the Netherlands and formed by top software developers and proven hardware experts from the retail world who understand modern business processes, the principles of in-store and back-office operations, and methods for optimising and improving efficiency.

IXR self-service systems are the equipment and software designed specifically to facilitate POS operation routine as well as to make shopping more convenient for customers. All of IXR systems function on a single platform so they are compatible with each other. Any turnkey self-service solution can be added to the platform and scaled.

IXR equipment is high in demand by various retail businesses – from a small fuel station to big grocery chains. However, first and foremost, we aim to be a time saver for our customers and a provider of the most comfortable store experience – no more waiting in checkout lines.



Founded in 2018 by retail professionals in response to the need for easy and affordable digital retail solutions, IXR has revolutionized the self-checkout industry and advanced beyond.

IXR was founded with a vision of bringing a change into the retail industry. With this idea in mind, we firstly performed elaborate research of the common problems of the retailers and customer needs from top to bottom. This knowledge joined with our technical expertise, hard work and determination has made IXR successful in developing, manufacturing, and supplying comprehensive self-service systems. We have developed a more efficient, easy and affordable solution than our competitors with standard and complex products. Our solutions worked better and provided better business results than those of the industry leaders. This has brought massive changes and fuelled the fast expansion of IXR in the self-checkout market.


In 2020 IXR rapidly expanded its self-service reach. In Q1 we installed over a thousand SCOs and already in Q4 that was nearly five times as many. The results of use and effectiveness had a significant impact on the retailers’ bottom line.

Devoted to improving customer experience, IXR research team continuously conducted interviews with store employees and customers. This helped us develop a new user interface designed to facilitate the purchasing process and optimize the checkout time.

One of the most important events of the year was the launch of the Unified Device Management System (UDMS). It allowed us to monitor the system’s health and our customer's business performance, automate incident management and centralize updates, configure device interconnection and much more. This innovation was yet another significant step which brought development and support costs as well as the time required to a minimum.

We created a full device ecosystem, ranging from self-checkouts (SCOs) and one-touch checkouts to loyalty terminals and tablets, from smart carts and self-service scales to mobile-scanning and self-scanning systems. Its smooth operation is ensured by the unified app architecture, single device back office, integration system and a single sign-on.


By the middle of 2021 over 8,900 IXR SCOs have been installed in 2700 customer POS. By the end of the year the number of operating SCOs exceeded 12,000 units.

We are thoroughly monitoring the performance of our solutions and IXR self-checkout indicators speak for themselves. Traffic and retail sales volume have grown up to 10%, payroll costs have dropped as much as 4 wage rates and the SCOs traffic shift has been completed up to 65%. Most installations have a very short payback period due to modular configuration, centralized management, and lower total cost of ownership than that of our competitors.

We are continuously investing in R&D. Currently, IXR is developing its biometric technology and hardware adaptation. Now IXR SST 3D camera is equipped with biometric data recognition for payments and loyalty program uses.

What Is So Great About IXR Equipment?

Over 10,000 IXR devices operate in various stores in Europe and Russia. Our customers trust us due to:

  • IXR solutions already boosting performance by increasing traffic and turnover and reducing the regular checkout load in the customer POS; fully satisfying service provided;
  • product location in low cost areas as offering lower equipment price than the competition. But it does not affect the quality of our solutions in any way;
  • UDMS technology accurately monitoring devices;
  • user-friendly interface ultimately facilitating self-checkout and self-scanning operation;
  • customers spending way less time for shopping.

IXR is a company founded by the retail industry representatives.
So the fact that we have vast experience and an unmatched skill set
pertaining to retail is undeniable.