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IXR: Innovation Expanding Retail
119021, Russia, Moscow, Timura Frunze 11, Housing 33


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In 2018, IXR was founded by the highly competent retail industry natives with extensive experience in the business.

Our team has taken a plunge into the retail industry and researched the market problems and customer needs from top to bottom. This has made IXR the successful developer, manufacturer, and provider of comprehensive self-service systems it is today. We have managed to offer a more efficient and lower-cost solution to the customer to replace boxed products that despite being expensive and technically complex could not provide the customer with the desired business results. In just two years after launch, IXR, with the 71% of installed devices, has taken the lead in the Russian SCO market and established a presence in the CIS and Europe (IXR headquarters is located in the Netherlands).


In 2020, IXR rapidly expanded its self-service reach in Russia. In the first quarter, we installed just 1,115 SCOs in Russian stores, but in the fourth, this number went up almost five times. On average, the number of IXR SCO checks doubled compared to 2019 – up to 30.7%.

IXR worked hard to make the customer experience better. Our research team conducted interviews with store employees and customers. As a result, we developed a new user interface designed to help customers make a fast purchase.

One of the most important events of the year was the UDMS management system launch. It allowed us to monitor the system health and our customer's business performance, automate incident management and centralize updates, configure device interconnection and so much more. The UDMS ensured development cost-efficiency at 70%, with support it peaked at 80%, while incident processing time was reduced by 30%.

We managed to create a full device ecosystem, ranging from self-checkouts (SCOs) and one-touch checkouts to loyalty terminals and tablets, from smart carts and self-service scales to mobile-scanning and self-scanning systems. The ecosystem functions smoothly due to the unified app architecture, single device back office, integration system and single sign-on.


By the middle of 2021, over 8,900 IXR SCOs were installed in 2,700 customer POS. By the end of the year, the number of operating SCOs is expected to exceed 12,000 units.

We have collected historical records that allow us to estimate the average industry IXR SCOs implementation indicators. The traffic and retail sales volume have grown up to 10%, the payroll costs have dropped up to 4 wage rates, and the SCOs traffic shift has been completed up to 65%. Most installations have a very short payback period due to modular configuration, centralized management, and ownership cost lower than that of competing companies.

We are not done with the innovative development of our products. Now, we are working on biometric technology and hardware adaptation. Starting this year, the IXR SST 3D camera is equipped with biometric data recognition for purchase payment and loyalty program purposes.