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IXR: Innovation Expanding Retail
119021, Russia, Moscow, Timura Frunze 11, Housing 33
Large trading floors are designed for impressive traffic and large-volume purchases.

To reduce the workload of the checkout and increase the traffic in the store, we can offer 4 self-service scenarios: IXR Express Self-Scanning - a system for self-scanning goods in the sales area using a scanner for making large purchases.

IXR Express Self-Scanning - a system for self-scanning goods in the sales area using a scanner for making large purchases.
IXR Self-Service Terminal - self-service checkout for small purchases (up to 10 items in the basket).
Express Self-Scanning mobile - a system for self-scanning and payment for goods using a special application on a mobile device for making purchases of any volume.
Smart Cart - an autonomous, self-sufficient tool with which you can scan products, participate in the loyalty system, receive personalized discounts, control the shopping list and pay for them right in the cart.
  • Store traffic growth up to 10%
  • Reducing the payroll to 4 rates
  • Rapid return on investment due to modular design, centralized management and lower cost of ownership than competitors
  • Increased customer service speed and NPS growth
  • Fast scaling due to a ready-made complex solution, which has shown excellent results in the largest retail chains
More hypermarket solutions:
Smart scales for the cashier speed up the work with weight goods, eliminates the role of the human factor, significantly reduces the costs of fraudulent weighing
The Checkout Terminal allows shoppers to scan products and quickly check their prices, rate products and the store, read reviews and leave offers, and participate in loyalty programs by issuing personalized coupons.
Wine Sommelier Loyalty Terminal helps customers choose wine using product cards or a catalog with a filter system, as well as participate in loyalty programs and receive personalized discounts.
"Personnel control" system allows to achieve high accuracy of personnel tabulation, to raise the level of discipline and efficiency of employees by almost 50%.
The Queue Control and Forecasting System generates a rolling operational forecast 10 minutes ahead for the optimal number of open checkouts to avoid queues.
Temperature Labels show the remaining shelf life of refrigerated items using color coding.
Sensors for garbage containers - the solution allows you to remotely monitor the fullness of garbage bins and optimize the cost of paying for the services of garbage collection companies.
DC Pallet Optimizer calculates the optimal placement of boxes on a pallet to speed up assembly and optimize transport costs.
Axle load - the solution controls the correct distribution of pallets in freight transport, allows you to calculate and visualize the scheme of its loading.
Control of fatigue and falling asleep - a monitoring system for the logistics department of large retail, which allows you to assess the condition of a truck driver on the way.