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IXR: Innovation Expanding Retail
1077XV, The Netherlands, Amsterdam, WTC H Tower (24th floor) Zuidplein 196
IXR innovation
IXR is your long-term partner in the world of retail technology. We create solutions for stores of the future.
We stay ahead of the game, designing new reality and creating innovations.
Our extensive retail expertise and a powerful in-house competence center allow us to pinpoint industry issues and develop the required solutions, offer consulting services, and do everything to make sure every solution implementation yields the best economic results.
Changes in the retail sector occur so quickly that it can be hard to keep up. Thats why we develop products that cater to both current and future industry needs.
competence center
Competence center
Our consultants offer customer support at all project stages, from choosing the best location for self-checkouts to training employees on their proper use.
We will help you create a knowledge base for the operation of customer service teams, which includes managing incidents of the first line of support.
Its very important for us to bring real value to your business because the main goal of IXRs innovation work is to help retailers enter the technological era with minimal costs and maximum efficiency.
retail of the future
Retail of the future
Our tech visionaries work on innovative concepts that will be used in all types of stores in a few years.
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focus on biometrics
Focus on biometrics
The technological future of many industries, including retail, goes hand in hand with biometric solutions. This is one of the main vectors of our innovative development strategy.
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why intel
Why intel
The choice of the central computing unit for automated self-service systems affects the clarity and continuity of operation, power, speed, and final cost of innovative hardware.
software and Integration
Software and Integration
IXR creates brand new software that allows you to run and adjust all the necessary options and changes for the operation of self-service modules from a centralized platform.
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full synchronization
Full synchronization
We have created CloudPOS—a platform for synchronizing all channels of interaction with customers in retail and the integration of any self-service systems. You can use it to connect all self-service channels at once for the price of one implementation. The customer gets analytics and support from a single source.
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