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IXR: Innovation Expanding Retail
1077XV, The Netherlands, Amsterdam, WTC H Tower (24th floor) Zuidplein 196
Self-Checkout Mini

A smaller and lighter version of the self-checkout terminal with the same set of features.

Can be used for off-site and seasonal trade. Allows you to quickly deploy a self-checkout system in open areas.
key features
Self-Checkout Mini can be integrated with any self-service equipment to expand its functionality:
Weighing goods
Barcode scanning
Facial recognition payment
Card and mobile payments
Content management by staff
Introduction of promotions and discounts
about the solution
Self-Checkout Mini can be placed on any horizontal surface: table, shelf, or bar counter.
about the solution
Self-Checkout Mini can be filled with various features depending on the needs of the business.
The optimal solution for summer cafés, beaches, recreation areas, market pavilions, pharmacies, exhibitions, office micromarkets, and even cinemas.