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IXR: Innovation Expanding Retail
119021, Russia, Moscow, Timura Frunze 11, Housing 33
System Business Consulting

Our team has extensive implementation experience. By the middle of 2021, over 8,900 IXR SCOs have been installed in 2,700 customer POS. By the end of the year, the number of operating SCOs is expected to exceed 12 thousand units.

Our consultants accompany customers every step of the way – starting from selecting the best location for SCOs based on the customer's checkout data and ending with conducting staff training seminars on system operation.

Business Intelligence

We will help you calculate your ROI and determine the traffic capacity so that the customer can reach the highest level of business performance upon implementing self-service systems.

Expertise Building

IXR helps in expertise building for handling client's operations, specifically addressing incidents at the front line customer support.

Detailed Guidelines

At the customer's request, IXR will prepare highly detailed guidelines on software operation and initial configuration.

IXR was founded by the competent retail industry natives with extensive experience. IXR employees are experts with knowledge of modern business processes, store and back office operation, optimization strategies, and performance boosting techniques.

IXR was founded by people from the retail industry with extensive experience and expert skills
Company employees understand modern business processes, principles work stores and back office, optimization and productivity techniques.