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IXR: Innovation Expanding Retail
119021, Russia, Moscow, Timura Frunze 11, Housing 33
Solution Integration

IXR offers a line of solutions for creating a full device ecosystem, ranging from self-checkouts (SCOs) and one-touch checkouts to loyalty terminals and tablets, from smart carts and self-service scales to mobile-scanning and self-scanning systems. All the devices are compatible with each other. The ecosystem functions smoothly due to the unified app architecture, single device back office, integration system and single sign-on.

Single Integrated UDMS Platform

The single UDMS platform allows customers to integrate all the required solutions into the infrastructure at their convenience. IXR equipment installed at the site is synced up to the UDMS which allows us to provide high-standard management services to all customer devices.


Integrational features of the platform ensure reliability, fast interface, no downtime due to crashes, and creating various scenarios upon developing the self-service system.

Flexible Management

The fact that the device software is integrated into the platform allows customers to monitor, update, and control all the equipment at will from one server, regardless of their location. That same feature also authorizes customers to manage the equipment and add new solutions as well as alter content and customer settings.

IXR was founded by the competent retail industry natives with extensive experience. IXR employees are experts with knowledge of modern business processes, store and back office operation, optimization strategies, and performance boosting techniques.

IXR was founded by people from the retail industry with extensive experience and expert skills
Company employees understand modern business processes, principles work stores and back office, optimization and productivity techniques.