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IXR: Innovation Expanding Retail
119021, Russia, Moscow, Timura Frunze 11, Housing 33
Updates & Upgrades

IXR releases new software on a regular basis. Software maintenance includes latest version updates – by default or at the customer's request.

Remote Updating

Centralized updates performed after hours maintain the relevant status of all the module software that is part of the customer self-service ecosystem. To launch new options or fix malfunctions, you need to download the updates for the selected modules, and they will be installed automatically.

Upgrading Existing Versions

To give you the best site navigation experience, we are constantly upgrading the IXR device interface and updating it with new features. Any alterations in the user interface are determined by the needs of real users that are identified over the course of qualitative and quantitative research (staff and user surveys and interviews). At the customer's request, new features can be added to the software configuration settings at any time.

Saving Money on Upgrades

If the customer already uses third-party equipment, we will replace it with IXR boxed software solution. Switching to IXR software allows customers to save money on the required equipment upgrade as well as future SCO support for our software. We have experience-based evidence that this contributes to boosting the number of SCO checks and improving other indicators.

IXR was founded by the competent retail industry natives with extensive experience. IXR employees are experts with knowledge of modern business processes, store and back office operation, optimization strategies, and performance boosting techniques.

IXR was founded by people from the retail industry with extensive experience and expert skills
Company employees understand modern business processes, principles work stores and back office, optimization and productivity techniques.