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IXR: Innovation Expanding Retail
1077XV, The Netherlands, Amsterdam, WTC H Tower (24th floor) Zuidplein 196
Tech Support

No downtime due to equipment failure or software crashes is one of the main conditions for efficient SCO performance.

Software Support

A team of highly-qualified professionals constantly monitors the status of the software installed on the customer's equipment.

Preventive Maintenance

Within the scheduled preventive servicing activities, preventive equipment maintenance is carried out quarterly. The activities include checking current equipment health and correct connection, operational functionality of SCOs and tablets, removing dirt and dust, and replacing parts.

Predictive Maintenance

IXR experts from an authorized service provider go to the site to fix malfunctions in Russia and abroad.

Proactive Analytics

The single integrated UDMS platform allows us to reveal malfunctions and errors in a timely manner as it continuously monitors all module incidents and usually detects them before staff members or customers can. The system automatically notifies an authorized professional.

Support Consulting

In case any problems arise, the staff can consult support specialists via email or phone, which helps to determine the nature of the malfunction more accurately.

Warranty Maintenance

During the first year of operation, in the event of a malfunction, IXR provides a replacement of the equipment free of charge.

Comprehensive tech support for equipment and SCO software ensures high service reliability and 99% equipment availability. Unplanned equipment downtime due to various reasons takes no more than 1% of working hours.

IXR was founded by the competent retail industry natives with extensive experience. IXR employees are experts with knowledge of modern business processes, store and back office operation, optimization strategies, and performance boosting techniques.

IXR was founded by people from the retail industry with extensive experience and expert skills
Company employees understand modern business processes, principles work stores and back office, optimization and productivity techniques.