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IXR: Innovation Expanding Retail
1077XV, The Netherlands, Amsterdam, WTC H Tower (24th floor) Zuidplein 196
DC Pallet Stacking Optimizer
This solution speeds up cargo assembly at a distribution center and reduces shipping costs.
about the solution
With the IXR Pallet Stacking Optimizer, you can:
  • calculate the optimal placement of boxes on a pallet
  • increase stacking density
  • reduce the possibility of ineffective and erroneous staff actions
key features
Key features for your logistics:
Taking into account the dimensions of packaged goods
Compiling a 3D configuration of boxes on a pallet
User-friendly interface
Clear visualization
about the solution
Speed up your logistics with our Pallet Stacking Optimizer
Reduce shipping costs, errors, and inefficient actions.
Save money on new employee training programs and mentor salaries.