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IXR: Innovation Expanding Retail
119021, Russia, Moscow, Timura Frunze 11, Housing 33


Digital barriers: how to improve the perception of innovation in stores
What difficulties consumers face when introducing new technologies and how to "persuade" them to abandon prejudices
Shop in the palm of your hand. How retail around the world got smarter
Digitalization is changing the usual scenarios for the provision of services in all spheres of life, but in retail, these changes have manifested themselves most noticeably.
Alone with the cart. How retail teaches shoppers new technologies
During the pandemic, retailers faced new challenges: staff shortages, customers switching to remote service formats, forced optimization, or vice versa - business scaling.
R&D in a startup: how to create innovations for the needs of the audience
It is believed that R&D departments exist only in IT corporations. But companies of any size can have them. How can a startup form an R&D team, correctly build processes and avoid common mistakes?
Free cash register: are sellers needed in the age of technology
The pandemic has speeded up the retail revolution by pushing businesses towards technological advancements in retail outlets. But does this mean that cashiers will disappear from stores in the era of total digitalization?
Offline vs Online: How Retail Technologies Fight for the Consumer
The rise of online shopping and the COVID-19 pandemic have changed shopping habits. What are the requirements of modern consumers of offline retail and how modern technologies are adapting to them?
Why self-checkouts are attractive to shoppers and profitable for retailers
In 2020, people around the world made purchases worth more than $ 28 billion through self-service. In five years, it will grow almost 2.5 times. Buyers, including Russian ones, like this format. However, previously the widespread introduction...
Integration of self-service systems into the store

Traditional trade through the counter is now in many ways a relic of the past. Especially if these are retail facilities & nbsp; large area. But for small shops `` near the house '' this kind of customer service ...


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