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Integration of self-service systems into the store

Traditional trade through the counter is now largely a relic of the past. Especially if these are large-scale shopping facilities. But for small convenience stores, this format of customer service is still relevant. But are such small outlets capable of competing with large retailers, where self-checkouts are being introduced with might and main? Another important question is how much will it cost to open a self-service store and will the costs be recouped in the future?

Even in small cities, there is a tendency of demand among buyers to go to large supermarkets. This is often perceived as one of the ways of family pastime, but the fact remains - there is an outflow of customers from small grocery stores to large retail chains. But is it just that there is no self-service in such outlets, or are there other reasons for this trend? And to what extent will the transfer of the store to such a service format be beneficial in general? We will deal with these and other questions.

The main advantages of self-service in stores

The traditional form of service through the counter turns out to be effective only in places with low traffic, as well as in retail premises with a limited area. The organization of such a store will require less costs, but the owner may face the fact that he will simply be uncompetitive.

Translation into the new format has its advantages:

  • An increase in the number of commodity items, while the display area of goods also increases.
  • Growth of turnover. Probably, this is the main advantage of this format, because the minimum increase in turnover (compared to service through the counter) is 15-30%. The growth is due to impulse purchases, the percentage of which is significantly higher with this service method.
  • Saving on staff. With this format, it is possible to reduce the number of sales clerks and the cost of wages.
  • Reducing the dependence of the level of profit on the qualifications of personnel.
  • Reduced theft and staff errors. The load on cashiers is reduced, i.e. the likelihood of their error is also reduced.

The main advantage of this form is that the buyer will have much more time to choose a product, because no one will bother him. In such conditions, the percentage of unforeseen purchases increases by itself, because a person is left “face to face” with the product.

What are the disadvantages of self-service stores

Self-Checkout also has its drawbacks. Especially if sufficient attention is not paid to business processes when switching to such a customer service format.

  • Price. The equipment itself can be expensive (12-20 thousand euros). By switching to a self-service system, profits will increase. However, IXR solutions are below the market and at the same time not inferior in quality.
  • Human contact. For some, self-service allows you to minimize social contacts, while others are used to a different format. However, there is always an assistant for such people.

Not in all cases it is possible to transfer the store completely to the self-service format. In the same hypermarkets there are departments for the sale of meat by weight, ready-made salads and other products that require individual weighing.

What does self-service transfer include?

Self-service store organization implies restructuring of certain business processes.

The first thing to consider is that you will need to allocate your own zone for terminals. This is necessary for the correct organization of customer flows, equipment integration. Self-service kiosks must be placed in such a way that they are clearly visible to people, otherwise they will pass by.

Self-service systems from IXR take up very little space - this increases the convenience of the retail space and the efficiency of using every square meter. When placing them, we take into account the features, area and configuration of the retail space.

Qualified consultants must be present in self-service areas. This is necessary to eliminate mistakes of buyers in the use of terminals. In addition, it increases their loyalty, because they do not feel "abandoned" alone with a technique that is unfamiliar to them.

Which stores can go self-service

Retail experts do not have a consensus on what should be the minimum store area, the transfer of which to the self-service system will be effective. Experience shows that it is possible to transfer stores to this format with an area of 50 square meters or more. IN

The organization of self-service checkouts at a point of sale involves the following steps:

  1. Analytics. At the first stage, we study the existing customer service process and develop an optimal solution.
  2. Design. The next step is the implementation of our solution into the operational activities of the outlet. We study and adjust the current business processes.
  3. Technical development. Hardware and software modules are being integrated.
  4. Launch the pilot. Analysis and adjustment of work based on pilot version data.
  5. Launch. Installation of self-service checkouts with their subsequent configuration. At the same time, training of the retail outlet's personnel takes place.
  6. Optimization. At the very beginning of the launch, the activities of the store are monitored, information is collected on the behavior of buyers. The analysis of the information received is carried out, on the basis of which recommendations for the client are formed.
  7. Monitoring the implementation of recommendations. The main goal is to reach stable KPIs.
  8. Service. We also provide full service to our self-checkout counters.

Self-service checkouts from IXR

For our clients we provide only favorable terms of cooperation. To monitor, manage devices online, as well as control the business processes of stores, we have implemented the UDMS system.

You can buy a self-service checkout with delivery to your outlet at IXR by calling us or writing to our email address. We work in Moscow, as well as outside Russia. The description and characteristics of our equipment can be found on the contact phone number.