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Smart Garbage Cans

Remote monitoring of garbage can fill-level using a smart algorithm and a sensor system.

Next-level control over the cleanliness of your territory. The optimal solution for transparent work with waste removal companies.
key features
Residential complexes, businesses, and shopping centers can optimize their waste removal processes using the following smart features:
Collecting data on the state of garbage cans in real time
Tracking changes in your account on the website
Clear data and interactive map
Color fill-level indication for each can
Reliability in any weather
Fire notifications
about the solution
Many contractor companies fail to remove garbage on time. Build your schedule based on real data.
about the decision
Smart garbage cans are a great way to optimize costs.
With this solution, you will always have an optimal number of garbage cans on your territory.
Use the fill-level data to create relevant garbage removal schedules for contractors.