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IXR: Innovation Expanding Retail
1077XV, The Netherlands, Amsterdam, WTC H Tower (24th floor) Zuidplein 196

A smart solution for controlling the product life cycle in retail.

The labels allow you to track shelf life and compliance with temperature requirements when storing food products, from the moment a product is manufactured to the moment it is consumed by the buyer. The labels work during production, in stores, and in buyers refrigerators
about the solution
IXRs time/temperature labels allow retailers to manage their food product turnover in a more flexible manner:
  • Get a quick and clear information about expiry dates
  • Promptly remove expired goods from shelves
  • Offer discounts
  • Monitor the compliance with storage conditions
  • Assess the condition of refrigeration equipment
  • Improve buyer experience
  • Increase customer loyalty
key features
The labels show the remaining shelf life of refrigerated products using color codes that range from yellow to green.
about the solution
Temperature Labels - offer a competitive advantage and allow you to improve your NPS.
Save offer a competitive advantage and allow you to improve your NPS.
Invest in consumer confidence. Loyalty is the best tool for boosting sales