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IXR: Innovation Expanding Retail
119021, Russia, Moscow, Timura Frunze 11, Housing 33
More than just a career
IXR was founded by the highly competent retail industry natives with extensive experience.
IXR employees are experts with knowledge of modern business processes, store and back office operation, optimization strategies, and performance boosting techniques. IXR staff is comprised both of top software developers and accomplished hardware experts.


IXR upholds the values of sustainable development, environmental consciousness, eqaulity, and acceptance.

The modern society is transforming more and more under the influence of the sustainable development principles. At the consumer level, we can adhere to these principles by adopting environmentally conscious consumer behavior. An international research from the Kerry food company has revealed that half of shoppers are considering brand sustainability compliance when it comes to making a choice about a purchase in a grocery store.

In response to the societal demands that businesses should be proactive and take certain measures to battle socially significant issues, companies in various industries have started to design sustainability strategies. Experts say that this has become a global trend of recent years and a must-have in terms of competitive relevance, and it actually also applies to employers.

IXR believes in the values of sustainable development, and we do our best to uphold them. In our opinion, complying with this ideology represents a progressive business mindset aimed at finding balance between meeting the needs of the modern society and not doing harm to the next generations.

Hiring Responsibly

People can state their proactive position in many ways, not just by supporting certain brands as a customer. Environmentally conscious consumer behavior tends to coexist with professional integrity. If someone believes in the sustainability values, they are very unlikely to accept a job offer from a company that consistently causes damage to the environment.

IXR is very welcoming towards the positive trend of job seekers considering ideological beliefs of the employers when applying for a position. For instance, a study from the Swytch energy company has revealed that 40% of the millennials across the globe state sustainability compliance as the most vital factor when choosing a company to work for.

ESG Superiority at IXR

How can we assess a company in terms of sustainability? To do that, we will need three parameters that are most well-known in the abbreviated form – ESG (Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance).

The dominant criterion of the triad is the first one as it concerns the environment. Environmental Governance at IXR means that the company is willing to take action against the ecological imbalance, starting with its own environmental impact. For example, IXR has transitioned to a paperless office, and we support recycling by waste sorting.

We try to meet the candidate expectations in terms of solving ethical societal problems by supporting the ideas of equality and acceptance at IXR. Social Governance at IXR includes creating equal opportunities regarding career growth for men and women and fighting against all discrimination. We also understand that young and talented employees want to look the way they choose to, which is a highly sensitive topic for millennial job seekers. That is why we never reject candidates with piercings and tattoos based solely on that factor.

Corporate Governance at IXR is built on the foundation of career growth transparency and prospects. We appreciate our employees for their skill set, expertise, and innovation capability. Come work for us now, and you won't regret it for a second!

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